The craft made upholstery "Rocchetti" can show off more than sixty years of great passion in textiles manufacturing. His craftsman like tradition begins thanks to Oberdan Rocchetti and his son, Rodolfo, has taken it till nowadays.

The typical craftsman's workshop, though preserving the manual labour of its master upholsters, evolved to adapt itself to the developments of the work and of the demands.

In our craftsman's workshop the skill of upholstery was handed on from father to son. Above all still live passion, love for the contact with the taste of the beautiful things which have their own "soul" created either by the experience of skilled labour, or by the strong creativity and artistic inspiration.

Our company has improved day by day to direct its efforts towards the quality article and customer satisfaction. The good results are achieved through the rationalization of labour and the continuous perfecting professionalism. We carry out our labour scrupulously from the interiors planning to their complete assemblage of first-rate choice materials, by modern and fair techniques.